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On behalf of the board of directors for SRCEA, we want to thank you for attending the 2020 Virtual Conference.  We hope to see you next year at our 2021 Conference in New Orleans!

Conference Chair & President-ElectDr. Dana Griggs

SRCEA President: Dr. Chris Parfitt

Technology CoordinatorDr. Jessica Hanna

  • Technical Co-host: Austin Cush

  • Technical Co-host: Zach Ralston

Paper Presentations 


Presentation Room 1

  • Convener: Chris Garretson

  • Principal Evaluations: What They Say or What I Do?

  • Teacher Leadership in Higher Education

  • Leading for Learning: A shifting Paradigm

  • Evaluating E-Learning in Higher Education: The Challenge of Covid-19

  • Black Teachers in Urban Schools: Why Do They Stay?

  • Data Leadership for K-12 Schools in a Time of Accountability: Change Through Data Use

Presentation Room 2

  • Convener: Jason Bryant

  • A Harvest of Leadership Success Strategies Found in Rural Schools in Eastern North Carolina

  • Cultivating Community: Using Community of Inquiry Theory to Improve Cohort Connection in OnlineLearning Environments

  • It Wasn't About the Money: Teachers' Motivation and Legislative Intransigence in the 2018-19 West Virginia Teachers' Strikes

  • Succession Success: A Case Study for Improvement

  • The Role of Community Blended Learning Environments

  • Structures to Support Talent Identification (Roundtable)

Presentation Room 3

  • Convener: Ashley Wicker

  • Reciprocal Mentoring: Combined Strength for School Leadership Improvement

  • The Legal Rights of Transgender Students in Schools: Athletics or Bathrooms

  • Case Law and Policy Issues Related to School Resource Officers and School Leadership

  • Getting Partnerships Right: Using a Conceptual Framework

  • Learning to Lead: The Concept of Sim-Mentoring

  • Helping Doctoral Students Manage Multiple Professional Identities: A Review of Current Literature and Best Practices

Panel Session I 

Presentation Room 1

  • For Faculty

  • NELP Standards Program Requirements

Presentation Room 2

  • For Students

  • Get to the Point: Guidance on Scholarly Writing and Publishing

General Session


  • Board Updates 

  • Approval for Changes to SRCEA Bylaws

  • Call for Proposals, Southeast Journal of Educational Administration

  • Presentation of the Jack Greer Lifetime Contribution Award

  • SRCEA 2021: Embassy Suites in New Orleans

Roundtable Presentations

Presentation Room 1

  • Convener: Yvette Bynum

  • Perceived Competencies for Principal Certification (PCPC): A Education Leadership Program Evaluation

  • Planning a New Mission for Higher Education: The Implications of COVID-19

  • Data Mining for School Improvement and Student achievement

Presentation Room 2

  • Convener: Chris Parfitt

  • Engaging Students Online: 3 Big Ideas

  • Online Engagement Strategies for Blended Learners

  • Turnaround Principals in the Southeastern United States

Presentation Room 3

  • Convener: Jason Bryant

  • Do's and Don'ts When Working with School Districts to Develop Leaders

  • Planning to Recover from the COVID-19 Disruption in Rural Schools

  • Developing a Community of Practice for Sustained Learning

Panel Session II 

Presentation Room 1

  • For Faculty

  • Teaching Online with Technology

Presentation Room 2

  • For Students

  • Preparing for Success: Surviving Coursework and Being Ready for a Dissertation

Conference Closing 

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