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Southeast Journal on Educational Administration

2017 Vol. 2

Scaling of Educational Leadership Candidates' Commitment to National Standards: The ELCBS Scale

Dorothy C. Rea, Florida Gulf Coast University

Cecil F. Carter, Florida Gulf Coast University

Christopher M. Parfitt, Florida Gulf Coast University

Judy R. Wilkerson, Florida Gulf Coast University

Thomas C. Valesky, Florida Gulf Coast University

Investigating the Benefits of a School/Industry Partnership Focused on Overcoming the Skills Gap and Fostering Student Success

Dana M. Griggs, Southeastern Louisiana University

Frances K. Kochan, Auburn University

Ellen H. Reames, Auburn University

Perceptions of Succession Planning in Four Florida Districts: A Mixed-Methods Study

Christopher M. Parfitt, Florida Gulf Coast University

Self-Advocacy and Post-Secondary Success of Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Andrew Nelson, Marshall University

Charles Bethel, Marshall University

Today's Technology: Using Snapchat to Connect Educators, Learners, and Content

Jana M. Thomas, The University of Alabama

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